Lomac Hire and Service provides a high quality timely service to your exercise equipment.

From large 24/7 gyms who require regular maintenance servicing to that treadmill that has been sitting idle for a while and needs a bit of TLC

Nick at Lomac Hire has been in and around the fitness industry since 2009 with a Diploma in Personal Training and Exercise Prescription and a Degree in Physical Activity, Health and Wellness.

Nick is also a keen sportsman and has competed in many sports throughout his lifetime.

Lomac Hire aims to provide high quality service to our customers who hire exercise equipment from us and/or require equipment serviced or repaired.


We are based at 150 Kaikorai Valley Road (end of Hermond Street)


Lomac Hire as it's now known, started off as a small business back in the 1970's called 'The Exercycle Hire Service'. This means Lomac Hire has been operating in Otago for more than 40 years!

It was renamed Lomac Hire from the owners surnames. Brian and Kevin Lowther, 'Lo' and 'Mac' from Tony MacLeod.

Lomac Hire ran from both Invercargill and Dunedin and had a shop which occupied a premise in George Street, at this stage Lomac Hire sold mainly toys.

Lomac Hire's delivery vehicle in the 1970's was a Bedford van with 'Book-a-bike' sign-written on the rear. 

Over the years Lomac Hire has changed owners a few times but still provides a high quality service to customers all over the lower South Island.